Alien Apparrel

Alien abduction at Woden Pod #1

The abduction at was our first official market stall. The pop-up hosted a range of clothing for sale; either pre-printed garments or blank garments, which could then be screen-printed on live.

“The Mothership crash landed on the 26/7/19. Rumours had been circulating for a while regarding the intergalactic printers, but that Friday was the first time they had been sighted publicly.

Many passer by’s were confused by the garments offered on the exterior of the protruding rectangular object. Many were unsure of their intentions, but there was nothing to fear. The visitors just wanted to exchange their hand-printed clothing for our plastic money”.

If you were fortunate enough to make first contact you would have been able to see our printing techniques first-hand. If you weren’t so lucky but still wanted to see the intergalactic techniques see the video below.