About Us

Alien Apparel is a locally owned clothing company with roots in skating, music and pop-culture. All clothing is designed locally and screen-printed or embroidered by hand. We ethically source as many products as possible which directly fits with our main focus of promoting the active consumption of fashion, while maintaining an affordable price.

The brand was founded from the subculture of skating, drawing influences from other brands such as alien workshop and afends, but was quickly influenced by many other subcultures. Music played a big influence, with festivals, doofs and DJ'ing showcasing different situations and experiences. These experiences showcased the alien nature of modern society; counter-culture can be the most comforting. The brands influences quickly spread and now soak up inspiration from travel, fashion, poetry, art.

Our main priority is to create and promote something that we're stoked on. We try to create products and experiences as ethically as possible and draw inspiration from a wide range of topics and experiences. If you want to read more about the wider range of influences then press the button below.



The land of the rising sun

Osaka castle

Japan is one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. and quickly became a major source of inspiration for the brand. As soon as you step foot into the country you can feel what Japanese culture is. From the meticulously clean streets, to the crowded yet quiet trains, the respect of people and place is something that can be physically felt.

This respect is expressed through the diversity and difference that can be seen in the streets of Tokyo. While waiting for trains, sharp, well-dressed business people peacefully stand next to black-clad punk rockers. At the exterior of most restaurants you're served by robotic vending machines, yet upon entry are greeted with overflowing pleasantries by chefs and serving staff.

This interesting mash up of seemingly opposing worlds living in harmony, provided more than enough inspiration, which eventually resulted in the latest series of prints- the 'Katakana series'. This series draws inspiration from both the Japanese flag and one of the Japanese alphabets. The back print on the shirt is directly referencing the bold look of the Japanese flag, while incorporating the traditional 'alien' blend of letters. The front print uses the Japanese script used for foreign words, so if you were to sound the design out it would read 'e-i-ri-a-n a-pa-re-ru'.


Skateboarding is the first and greatest influence on the brand. The concept of trying, failing, and then getting up to only try again is an important lesson learnt from riding a skateboard. 

From the knock-off graphics to the graphic slams and glorious makes, skateboarding represents what we stand for. Skating’s for you but also for those around you. Landing a trick feels incredible, but it’s oh so sweeter if the Filmer manages to catch it.

Alien Apparrel wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the homies and the locals around. Just as skate-videos are an ode to those around you, so to is the brand.



The beat shakes the speakers, reverberating in the small room or projecting through the expansive forest. You move to the music, surrounded, yet in a world of your own. The next song drops and a smile cracks on your face. Your body moves of its own accord, as you finally occupy the now, truly living in the moment.

Music, music festivals, dj’s, bands, bush doof’s. Basically anything that’s associated with music has had a huge influence on the brand. Listening to music can let you travel to another dimension, or it can ground you so firmly in place. It means something and it makes you feel something. That authentic representation of experience and emotion, is what we as a collective are continuously chasing.

Just as we are inspired by the world around us, we also try give back and inspire. Alien Apparrel supports different creatives with many differing passions. Sgt. Sprinkles is our first resident DJ, and if you’ve listened to his mix above you’d know why.