Bad Goodye's

Bad Goodbye’s is the second piece of poetry published for alien publications and explores themes of loneliness, isolation and longing. The piece was inspired by the feeling of inadequate partings and unsuccessful greetings. 

It can be difficult to connect or truly express one’s feelings when saying hello or goodbye, but just because these feelings are difficult to convey doesn’t mean that they do not exist. The piece is intended to express the nostalgic longing for a time gone-by with people who may not be seen again. 

The beauty of such meetings can lay in their transitory nature, but this fleeting experience is also what can cause such intense longing. This piece is the author’s way of grappling with the duality of such a human existence and is a way of expressing the beauty and the pain in hello’s and goodbye’s.

We were lucky enough to be gifted a second poem by the author which furthers the ideas and themes explored in Bad Goodbye’s. The piece is titled Close Roots:

Distant stars shine brighter than local lamposts.

Their roots run deep even when their streams seem to halt to a trickle.

But near empty connections don’t kill deep growth.

These routes are carved into the soul of the soil, their impact everlasting

and once their memory is retraced the world drinks deep in the coming sunrise