Bad Goodbye’s

Bad Goodbye’s is the second piece of poetry published for alien publications and explores themes of loneliness, isolation and longing. The piece was inspired by the feeling of inadequate partings and unsuccessful greetings.

Sgt. Sprinkles ‘Isolar’ Interview

‘Isolar’ is Sgt. Sprinkles latest entry in the ‘Alien Mix’ series. Inspired by the thoughts and feelings isolation, the hour-long mix takes you on a journey of the familiar but unknown. It’s packed to the brim with thumping floor fillers and ethereal electro. We were lucky enough to sit down and interview Sgt. Sprinkles to discuss his history and what inspires him.

Travelling Greece

This is the first video in the Alien Publication ‘travel series’. Part 1 is all about Greece and follows the journey of two members of the collective as they travel around the picturesque county side. The video is intended to provide an insight into Greece’s history and culture while also providing some useful tips and …

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