Create Response

Where to Start?

Creating your own response can seem like a daunting task. If you’er not sure where you should start then watch the video on the right.

Throughout this online module you’ve seen some incredible examples of text analysis’, but don’t worry if you’re not into making videos. Your response could be in a wide range of formats such as: Podcast, Essay, Speech, Short Story or any artistic creation. Just make sure that whatever you create engages with the deeper meaning that the text is conveying.

Be sure to bring in your creations to class in week 9 so that we can share them and all get a deeper understanding of media in the world around us. If you had any questions feel free to come and ask me in class some time.

Your Task

You are to create your own analysis of a film or TV show

It Doesn't have to be a Video

Even though all the examples we have examined so far have been videos, your response could be in many different formats. It could be a video, a podcast, a story or even a painting or drawing. Just be sure that whatever you create examines and deals with the themes and ideas expressed in your chosen film or TV show.

What to do

You are to create an 8 - 10 minute analysis of a Film or TV show of your choice. Be sure to give a brief overview of the plot but remember that the analysis is the most important part. You should discuss the main themes and ideas that it expresses and how they have impacted you and your view on the world.

You will be marked on the following categories:
Clarity and Expression of Ideas (25%)
Originality and Overall Aesthetics (25%)
Understanding of Themes and Ideas in Chosen Text (25%)
The Texts' Implications for Yourself and Society (25%)

If You Don't Do a Podcast or Video - Submit a Rationale

If you would prefer to do something more creative as a response to your chosen Film or TV show that's totally fine, just be sure to come and discuss it with me first so that you can get my approval. If you choose to do a creative response then just be sure that you also create an 800-1000 world rationale. This rationale should describe the themes and ideas expressed in your chosen text, how those themes effect you and society, and how your creative response incorporates or makes comment on those themes.

General Resources

Phone and Tablets

If you don’t think you have any technical resources don’t worry. There are so many amazing resources on your phone or tablet. You can use the voice recording application that comes with your phone to record and even edit your own ‘Podcast’ or ‘Speech.

Video Editing

There are many great free video editing softwares out there to use. If you have a Mac then you can use iMovie for free, otherwise I used a free piece of software called ‘Da Vinci Resolve 16’ to create all the videos found on this resource.

Audio Editing

If you’re looking for software to create audio resources such as a ‘Podcast’ I would look no further than ‘Audacity’. Not only is it free but it is also relatively easy to use on both Mac and Windows computers. Just upload your recorded audio and get editing straight away.

By Errol Televantos - U3170702

This leaning resource has used and condensed a vast range of quality online videos. The real heroes are the people and pages who have spent the time creating the content. If you were still hungry for more knowledge and wanted to find more amazing content I’d recommend checking out some of the pages listed: