What does it mean when you look up to someone? Well usually you admire them and you respect them. This idea is directly transferred to film and photo. Looking up at a subject can signal that they’re powerful or in control.

What does it mean when you look down on someone? When you look down on someone you usually don’t see them in a favourable way. Looking down on a character can signify weakness or show how far they have fallen.

The physical lines on the frame help draw the audiences attention in. It is a useful tool when trying to showcase an object or idea. The audience will usually find images that utilise the rule of thirds to be more aesthetically pleasing.

When attempting to utilise the ‘rule of thirds’ in your photos or videos try to split your screen up into three equal thirds, both vertically and horizontally. The lack of strong lines can also impart as much meaning as strong lines do.

A Quick Visual Literacy Lesson

Visual Literacy Task

Take a look at the two images on the right. Both seem to be pretty similar, but differ in their use of lines and their use of high and low angles. Think about how the images make you feel. Do you they make you feel different things? Can you think why this might be the case?

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