Sgt. Sprinkles 'Isolar'

Where’d you get the name?

Ah yes Sgt. Sprinkles, well it’s a bit of a weird one. Its what my high school mates used to call me sometimes, but I sort of hated it. Then I started learning to DJ from one of those mates and he just sort of gave it to me as my name. It ended up sticking and now I really like it. I feel like it sort of sums up what I play.

Favourite track from ‘Isolar’

Well of course I love the opening track. Gorrilaz are dope and Fire Coming out of the Monkey’s Head has the coolest spoken word vocals. I really like Inocs’ Short Change Hero and Luke Million’s Another Brick, just cause the originals are so good, but the remixes are just on point. Honourable mentions for sure go to Lady’, ‘Panic Room’, and New Dorp New York’. I was also super stoked to find ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, because a good friend of mine has been asking for an Abba remix and it’s been impossible to find one. But my favourite track has got to be ‘Psycho Killer’. I just randomly found it in my Beatport cart, but it’s safe to say it’s a certified tune. 

Favourite set you’ve played

Ah that’s a hard one. I think its probably an even split, but I’ll have to give a honourable mention to the set I played at Mr Wolf. It was for an Off Tap Production’s event like two years ago and it was my first time playing at a club, so I was stressing so hard before my set. I just remember playing Justice’s ‘Electric Feel’ remix 10 minutes in and finally looking up, to see a bunch of people actually loving it. A bunch of my mates rocked up so it actually got pretty full so I was just so stoked

But my favourite set’s either got to be Psyland last year, or the set I played in Tokyo. Pyland, like the wolf event, is put on by Off Tap Productions and it’s just the best local doof. Everyone is always keen to go, so I’m always so stoked to play. There was this point in my set where my mate, from the dance-floor, gifted me his USB so I could play this sick Tom Diner’s remix, and it just went off. I had so much fun and everyone in the crowd was so stoked; the production value for Psyland is always unreal.

The set I played in Japan was easily just as sweet though. I was doing this cool month long Global Hobo writing course in Tokyo last year, and I just made it my mission to play a set somewhere. I finally found an open decks night at this bar, so I invited like all my mates, so I was so keen to smash it. I got up and played this ‘Jolene remix’ first and everybody seemed to be digging it. I went to play my next track on the other CDJ, but my usb wasn’t working. I pulled out my spare one and that didn’t work either and I just had like a silent meltdown.

I managed to get the attention from one of the bar staff and I quickly explained my predicament to him as I had to awkwardly loop ‘Jolene’ before it ended. The guy came back with an aux cord for me and for the rest of the set I had to DJ off my phone and off one CDJ. I just remember stressing out, beat matching from memory, yet no one else even noticed, everyone was just loving it. It was just a sick, unique experience with a bunch of sweet people; definitely one of the best nights I’ve had.

What do you play?

I feel like this is always a really hard one to answer. I don’t really stick to a certain genre; I’d say I just play what I like. If I dig it, I’ll try to find a way to chuck it into a set. But I mainly play like techno, house, and electro sounding stuff, sprinkled with a bit of pop. I love the feeling when I’m on a dance-floor, it’s thumping, and I recognise the song being played, but I’m not really sure how I know it. I feel like that’s something I’m sort of always striving for. Familiar but unknown.

Favourite Album

This is an interesting one, cause I actually got tagged recently asking for my top four and was talking about it with my housemates. We were listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and as soon as Shine On You Crazy Diamondcame on I remembered how much I loved that album. The production on it is unreal, especially for the time, so that’s for sure on the list.

After that hands down Flume’s self-titled album ‘Flume’. The production on it is so crispy and there’s so many certified tunes on it. I’ve listened through it like a billion times and my favourite song always changes, but I’m really digging ‘Sintra’ at the moment.Next one has to be a Daft Punk album. So I’m going to say Discovery, just cause it’s got some bangers like One More Time’ and Aerodynamic, but also has some less played tunes like ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Too Long’.

The next one’s a bit different and probably less well known, but is one that I always go back to. It’s called ‘The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV: Air & Earth’ and its by this rock band Thrice, but it’s their acoustic album. I’ve always really loved when you hear rock or metal singer uses their voice to sign softly, and this album is basically that. Digging My Own Grave’, Moving Mountainsand ‘Come All You Wearyare all just so beautiful.

Next Set?

Honestly not too sure. I played at an open deck’s night in London when I was travelling in early Jan, and I was keen to do more stuff like that when I got back. But everything’s a bit strange right now, so probably like a live stream. I’ve been wanting to do another one and I think it could be a cool way to just connect with people at the moment. I’ve seen some other crews do it recently, so I think its doable, just have to organise it you know.

Advice for people wanting to DJ?

My best piece of advice is probably just to listen to music and start compiling your own library. When I first started I found it hard mixing other people’s music, mainly because I didn’t know what the songs actually sounded like. Building my own library helped me get familiar with counting beats and phrases, but more importantly it got me finding and listening to music that I really liked and wanted to play. I think that’s a really important part of DJ’ing, at least for me. If you want anyone else to enjoy what you’re playing, you have to enjoy it first.


Track List

Fire coming out of the monkey’s head – Gorrilaz

Akizz Beatz – Ain Hijla (Baru Remix)

Another brick – lukemillion

Manu Chao – Sibérie Fleuve Amour (Dandarra Edit)

Soak – Luces

Turnmills (club mix) – Maribou State

New York New Dorp – Subtract

Short change hero – The Heavy (Inocs remix)

Dorothy – Polo and Pan

Gimme Gimme Gimme – Gorrilag (Original Mix)

Aviate – Yotto

Psycho Killer – The Cube Guys (Original Mix)

Alaris – Gorge

Try a little Tenderness – Sandy Rivera

No Ties – Disciples

Devil in me – Purple Disco Machine

Lady – Modjo

Panic Room – Au/Ra & Camelphat

Hypnotize – Solomun

Something Special – Miguel Campbell