Meaning in Media

Film and Television are traditionally only thought of as means of entertainment. Of course this is true, they are entertaining. However they can express so much more than that. Just like any story, Film and Television allow individuals to make meaning of their world. They can provide an interesting and engaging way to understand philosophical discussions or can allow you to understand and empathise with the experiences of others.

Film is a very powerful medium that usually attempts to transmit meaningful ideas and messages. Next time you watch something just think: ‘what idea, theme or emotion is the creator trying to express through their work?

Your Task
You are to watch a video from the list below and summarise the main points that are raised in it
Choose One
The list below has a wide range of TV shows and Movies to choose from. They've been sorted into genres for your convenience so there should be something that you're interested in.
What Are They?
The videos listed below are all examples of video essays. They discuss the the themes presented in media and examine what they are trying to say about our world.

What To summarise

Don't worry it doesn't need to be too formal. Just write down what film/s or TV show/s that the video is discussing, the main ideas expressed in the video and the implications for yourself and/or society. Be sure to bring the summary into class so we can discuss futher.

These Are All Great Examples

At the end of this unit you will be required to create your own response to a Film or TV show of your choice. If you can't think of any ideas, or are unsure about what could be included in your analysis than these videos are a great starting point. These are all incredible examples of a text analysis, so hopefully they can provide you with some inspiration. If you are still having issues or are unsure of what to do feel free to come and ask me in class.

My Favourites

Films and Television have had a huge impact on my life. They have shaped the way I see the the world, myself and my relationships

These are just handful of films and TV shows that have shaped and influenced who I am today.


Your Favourites

Just as my favourite Films and TV shows have impacted me, I’m sure there are ones that have greatly influenced you.

Take some time to think about some of your favourites? Why do you like them? what have they taught you?